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Full Glory by SuperSarcosmic

  "...reporting here. All over the world, unidentified strange occurrences are disturbing the wild Pokémon, and they are--"

  "ETHERPLEY!" interrupted a shrill cry, startling the teenage boy half-buried in the sofa out of his complacent stupor.

  Internally groaning, the couch potato blinked a few times, his glazed eyes refocusing slowly. He laboriously half-turned his head away from the TV and towards the kitchen, the movement causing his smooth black hair to poke irritatingly at his face. "Whaaat?" he called back, his voice disinterested and slightly slurred.

  An irate woman wearing a weathered apron stomped out, intensely staring over the couch at the side of her lethargic son's head. Placing her hands on her hips, she announced, "Professor Birch says he has an important favor to ask, so get going to his lab! Something's up!"

  Without bothering to make eye contact, he groaned, "But... I'm, uh, watching the news..."

  Pointing her finger sternly at him, she continued, "No 'buts'! Now, get your butt going! I don't want to see you back ‘til you're finished helping him, else I'll make Ranch dump your entire rock collection deep in Petalburg Pond!" she declared resolutely, and stomped back into the kitchen without sparing another glance at her son.

  Pausing for a moment to weigh his options, the boy finally yelled, "Fine!" as he leapt off the couch and raced up the stairs. Knowing his mother, the threat wasn't empty.

  Within minutes he was fully clothed, and he dashed back down the stairs and out the door with his trademark hat and trusty backpack in hand, feet pounding against the grass.

  The lab wasn't far from his house, so he arrived quickly without much effort. Yanking the door open, he barged in and called, "Hey, Professor!", scanning for the familiar mop of brown hair amongst the piles of half-full notebooks and crumpled Wobbuffét take-out bags.


  Startled, he whirled around and noticed the inconspicuous lab aide standing just a few feet from him. "The Prof. man ain't here. Check Route 101, dude," the aide said, readjusting his crooked glasses before returning to futilely attempting to clean the perpetually cluttered lab.

  "Freaking seriously?" the boy groaned, exasperated. Turning on his heel, he ran back out, slamming the door behind him with a little more force than necessary.

  The grassy Route 101 was the only road in and out of the boy's small town of Littleroot, and led to the neighboring Oldale Town. He knew he ran the risk of being attacked by the wild Pokémon roaming the outskirts of the omnipresent forests lining most routes, as was the case with any area not inhabited by humans. But for the entire month he'd lived here, he'd often seen the professor go out to research the wildlife and come back just fine.

  Cupping a hand to his mouth, he called out in a bored tone, "Professor Birch, where are y--"


  The boy stopped in his tracks. Mere yards outside the town border, the esteemed professor himself was lying helplessly in the grass, trapped by a lazy-eyed, doglike black Pokémon with huge, devilish curved horns. It sloppily gnawed on his head as if it were a giant bone, oblivious to the man’s tentative attempts to free himself.

  The professor could only look at the boy with what could only be described as a most pitiful expression gracing his features. "H-help," he repeated meekly, his voice squeaking slightly.

  His pleas were met with a blank stare and a hint of a smirk. "Are you just incompetent, or...?" the boy began, equal parts unimpressed and amused by his predicament.

  "JUST PLEASE SAVE ME," the professor demanded, his face contorting in a pained rage. Pointing at the messenger bag lying in the grass near the boy, he shouted, "Pick a Pokémon from my bag and help me already, kid!"

  A pause. "...Oooh."

  "Kid... Kid! What are you standing around for?” Birch’s voice grew increasingly agitated. “Tasukete! ¡Ayúdame! Hilf mir! Aide-moi! Hey! Listen! ...Kid?"

  Professor Birch's cries of urgency fell upon deaf ears, for the boy had realized that the large Pokémon was a fire-breathing Houndoom, something not normally seen in the Hoenn region. His awed attention was now focused entirely on it, while it continued contentedly chewing on its new “toy.”

  "Waaant," the boy breathed, his eyes glowing excitedly. Reaching into the professor's bag, he grabbed the first Pokéball he felt and hurled it towards the Houndoom, yelling, "Pokéball, gooo!"

  The ball made impact squarely in its face, but to the boy's surprise, rather than capturing it, the ball’s flash of red light blazed away from the Houndoom, releasing the small Pokémon that was already occupying it. The glow faded, revealing a strange, four-legged blue creature with a wide mouth. It blinked at the scene in front of it, the large fins on its head swaying slightly as it turned towards the pair tangled upon the ground.

  The boy stared wide-eyed, flabbergasted. "What even is that--" he began.

  Words were beyond him as he watched the blue Pokémon's jaw virtually unhinge. A great geyser of water spewed forth, drenching both the offending mon and the unfortunate professor. Howling in panic, the fire dog ran off into the dense forest with its long, pronged tail between its legs.

  The liberated professor rubbed his sore head and slowly sat up, his hair and lab coat dripping. He coughed and spat out some water, then blinked rapidly to clear his eyes. "Thanks for saving me from that Houndoom," he grinned. Gesturing towards the blue mon seated next to his leg and splashing it slightly with runoff from his sleeve, he continued, "You can keep this Mudkip as thanks."

  Without skipping a beat, the boy asked, "Can I have the Houndoom, too?"

  "It tried to eat me!" Birch vehemently exclaimed, visibly distressed.

  "...Is that a no?" the boy pressed.

  "Kid, I swear to Arceus--" the professor began, before sighing and standing up, knowing arguing against stubborn people would lead to nowhere but frustration. "Whatever, I’ll look past that. You're my neighbor, Etherpley, right? I assume you know from either school or your dad that Houndoom are normally exceedingly rare in this region.”

  As he spoke, he walked over to his bag and kneeled down, attempting to dry his hands on the grass. “Could you help me investigate why Pokémon are suddenly appearing outside of their natural areas? I know it's a big job to ask, but my kid, Haruderp, is already helping. I'm splitting a third of the work to each of you. Choose five Pokémon types on this list to specialize researching," he went on, carefully pulling a sheet of paper out of his bag and handing it to the boy, "but don't pick the same types as Haruderp. Dual-type Pokémon are fine for anyone to study, as long as at least one of their present or future types are within your specialty."

  Didn't even give me a choice, huh? Etherpley mused, scrutinizing the list. He noticed the boxes next to the Bug, Fighting, Grass, Electric, and Psychic types had already been checked off with hearts drawn neatly in blue pen, with "♡ = Haruderp" written at the bottom of the page.

  With his coveted rock collection at stake and other options sorely lacking, he groaned, "Fine, I'll do it. Not like I got much else to do."

  He reached backwards and grabbed a red Sharpiedo marker from his backpack, quickly scrawling stars next to the Dark, Fire, Ghost, Rock, and Steel types. Tapping the Sharpiedo against his chin pensively for a moment, he added "☆ = Herp" to the key as an afterthought.

  Handing the sheet back, he asked, "But what about the leftover types? You can’t be serious about being the one to study all them. You could get attacked. Again. It’d suck to be you, really."

  "Don't worry about tha--" Professor Birch began, perusing the list. "--Hmm? You go by Herp?"

  "Better than 'Etherpley,'" he grouched.

  The professor laughed. "Just like my Derp," he smiled fondly.

  Slinging his bag gingerly over his still-sopping shoulder, he pointed to the poker-faced Mudkip hiding shyly behind his leg and continued, "Alright. You and your new partner need to toughen up. Try battling Derp over on Route 103, just past Oldale Town. It'll be a good way for you to all get acquainted."

  In a swift motion, he scooped up the Mudkip and handed it along with its Pokéball to Herp, waved, and headed back to Littleroot. Herp cheerfully waved in return and laughed absentmindedly, calling after him, "Okay, sure, whatever. Bye!" The new trainer-mon duo watched the professor go, the sound of his damp, squelching sandals growing distant.

  As the professor disappeared into his house, the immensity of the task at hand dawned on Herp with ominous clarity, and the Mudkip in his arms looked up at him worriedly.

  What the literal hell did I just get into...?
[[ STORY BASED ON: ]] Magmalocke's 1st Page
[[ WHAT'S A _____LOCKE? ]] A challenge.
[[ DRAWING DETAILS: ]] Herp/Fjord drawn via 3DS (with Colors!3D); background made with SAI
[[ DRAWING RESOURCES: ]] Papertex by hibbary

Consider this chapter canon to the comic.
Details found in this chapter may be referenced in future comic pages, such as Herp's interaction with his mom. I'm unlikely to storylockify more pages, unless there's like a hugely positive response or something.

Please comment if you found parts you liked! :D Critiques/suggestions (grammar, more/less details, etc.) are greatly appreciated.

This came about because I was bored (it's summer!), procrastinating ('s summer), wanted to see how I'd do at storylocking, and was just anxious as hell about starting college after... a very, very long summer break, let's say. I'm taking only English 120 (composition and reading) and Japanese I so far, but it was nearly panic-inducing for me to think about being around that many people again. Things worked out okay. I just finished my second week and I'm fine. xD

Anyways! I'm not very confident about my writing, so a big thanks to all the friends who helped me edit this, no matter how little.

:iconzephyr-azure: :iconsakuranights: :iconhironinja: :iconmechamyu: :iconflyinglamprey: ...and J-san and G-san, who don't have dAs.
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TheNuzlockeDuo Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:bulletpurple: Your writing is really fantastic. I like how you're writing out your comic and giving it extra details - that's awesome. The little details are really cool, you dig into your characters's heads well and your choices of words are perfect and made for an incredibly interesting read.
SuperSarcosmic Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks, man! The feedback means the world. :D I'm not much of a writer, but a Nuzlocke is as good a way as any to give your brain a workout, eh?

Magmalocke | Character Spectrum Meme by Sir-Herp

I'd already made ^this prior to writing out the page. Definitely helped define facets of my characters' personalities, even though they mostly retain physical traits from their in-game counterparts. The meme's well worth considering doing for your own runs, if you're still working out your characters or want a way to compare them.
TheNuzlockeDuo Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:bulletpurple: That character spectrum meme is rad! I might consider it for our double run. That does seem really helpful in sculpting the characters. Thanks! :D
Zephyr-azure Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay, you got around to posting it! My opinion is still the same, but it looks good so far ;D
SakuraNights Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks good! :D I like all the little details you added to make it feel more... "real"? :3
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